BakeBean Productions LLC

2105 Wyandot Drive

Lima, Ohio 45806

Phone: 419-234-4155

Stage rental, tents, tables, sound/PA systems, bands, etc.

When the stars come out, the stars come out!

Email us for further information, or call us at 419-234-4155

We rent stages from the smallest to the biggest, with roofs or lights and sound, or without, and our prices for quality stages can't be beat! Call 419-234-4155 with your date and type of event and let us quote your needs! Our units are all top-notch.

Stages, stage roofs, sound, and lighting is one of our real specialties. Call us for quick info.

Tents, tables, chairs, linens, etc.

We have partnered with Ohio's best tent and event rental company, in business for 70 years. The cleanest tents, and best rental items.

Bands; The absolute BEST regional bands for weddings, big parties, festivals, fairs, country clubs, etc. We'll send a band to your event that will absolutely kick butt and sound great!