We only use the best, top-quality gear for Lightning Bug Theatre, from the screens, to the sound, to the projectors. The results speak for themselves. Call Mike at 419-234-4155!

Lightning Bug Theatre Gear list; the best!

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Phone: 419-234-4155

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Other outdoor movie companies use cheap-o screens, often with a mesh-like screen surface. Our Airscreens are the original inflatable screen, and the best there is. They use a real movie screen surface, and the image quality is comparable to that in a good indoor theatre. We decided to purchase the best screens we could find, and these are it!

The projector is the heart of the system; many outdoor movie companies use a beefed up business projector; not us. We use different large venue projectors as needed; from companies like Panasonic with their large venue dual lamp DLP widescreen model, and also large venue dual lamp Sanyos. These are the real-deal big-buck commercial projectors. 

Big sound is critical to a great movie experience. We are the only company using top of the line JBL speakers, including the potent SRX700 series speakers and the new third generation JBL Eon 515 and 518S self -powered units.

Other companies use cheap PA gear like a DJ would use. Ours kicks sonic butt. We have enough firepower for the largest crowds.

When needed, we also have available a high-end Honda eu6500is generator. (may incur a small additional charge)

This unit is super quiet, less than normal speech levels, and puts out power cleaner than most wall outlets. This unit produces enough power to run our blower, sound, and projector, in any location, regardless of the availability of power service from a utility company. The show will go on!