If you are looking for something new for fundraisers, corporate events, festivals, membership or employee events, or just plain fun, here it is! Lightning Bug Theatre!

The new brand of outdoor cinema was pioneered about 16 years ago in cities like Seattle and Boulder. What exactly is outdoor cinema? Imagine your audience outdoors, comfortably enjoying a film projected onto a giant inflatable screen! Viewers experience the movie, the summer evening, and the exciting social atmosphere

"More open air, walk-in movie venues have sprung up in the last few years than any other time in this country. This wonderful grassroots, community experience has drifted over from Europe and has etched itself on a landscape ripe for the nostalgia of the drive-ins of the '50s and '60s."

Some applications for Outdoor Cinemas 

· Art Shows and Openings

  • Film Festivals

  • Music events and bands

  • Conventions and conferences

  • Fundraisers

  • Weddings

  • Private movie screenings

  • Award shows

· Parks and recreation departments

· University functions and student activities

· Neighborhood movie night

· Big Screen live event video

· Grand openings

· Laser shows

· Church events

· Impromptu drive-in movie at any location

· Whatever your imagination conjures up!

Lightining Bug Theatre is equipped with professional cinema equipment for indoor, and especially outdoor, events. The production team handles all setup, operation, media presentation, and transport of equipment. We run the production so you can focus on promoting your event. Our rates are very reasonable and we will strive to meet your every challenge.


Lightning Bug Theatre specializes in providing a professional audio/visual experience, which enables you to focus more on attracting your audience. Without the production burden, you can focus on attracting more viewers, adding live entertainment, and raising funds through concessions, sponsorships, and admissions etc.

You're not limited to movies alone; you can also present sponsorship ads, on-screen X-box /Wii, , music videos, live camera feed, announcements, and much more.

Every Rental/Production Package includes:
-Several screen sizes from small to super large!
-Powerful Projector

-Pro-Audio System, great sound system, better than any drive-in and many theaters!
-Film Licensing Information
-Event Liability Insurance covering damage or injury caused by our equipment or personnel
-Weather and equipment failure guarantee
-Generator if needed (may incur small extra charge)

Why use Lightning Bug Theatre? We are the best in the region, with absolutely the highest quality video and audio. We've done HUNDREDS of outdoor movies over the last several years.

1. Besides inflatable screens, there are no suitable outdoor screens. Small aluminum rental systems may be available, yet they have 1/3 the screen surface area - plus the renter is liable for damaging the screen! When the wind blows- the rigid structure doesn't stand a chance! Our inflatable screens take winds up to 24 mph (when trees start to sway vigorously).

2. Projection rental can be a costly risk- you break, you pay. Lightning Bug Theatre supplies the projection, and an on-site projectionist who provides smooth transition between all media. By choosing us, there's no concern if the rental will work or present well.

3. Pro-audio is pricey, heavy, and complicated. Through Lightning Bug Theatre, our audio will deliver superbly to your audience in the outdoor setting. Complete audio backup systems are on-site. Every event sounds spectacular! Our sound is far better than what drive-in's ever offered. It's comparable to the modern cinema, brought outdoors!

4. In addition to full audio/visual support, we supply the required film licensing information, event liability insurance covering any damage or injury caused by our equipment and personnel, generator power if needed, setup/takedown, weather guarantee and more! All of this is included in packaged prices that no audio/visual company can match.

Lightning Bug Theatre guarantees you a professionally run event that you'll be proud of!

Super Screen Package; the big boy! Best choice for maximum impact! Best for boat-in and drive-in movies, and larger crowds, further-back distance viewing, and bang for the buck.

30 x 17 screen surface, frame size is 35x26

For crowds up to 2000

Large Screen Package,

-Screen size: 24 x 14 screen size, total frame size 28 wide by 22 high, 16 x 9 screen surface

-for audiences up to 750

Smaller screens down to 12 x 8 are available as well.

"This thing ROCKS! Great picture and great sound, on a huge screen. FUN!"

One of our VERY



Phone: 419-234-4155

Our friendly staff will help you design the perfect big screen event!

What is outdoor cinema and Lightning Bug Theatre?

The most eye-catching element of a Lightning Bug Theatre event are the giant inflatable screens! The screen adds stature and excitement to your events. Our screens are 1/20th the weight of a similarly sized scaffolding structure, plus it has no hazardous parts that can fall and injure bystanders. The durable yet flexible material holds the screen taut and is supported at each corner by earth anchors. AirScreens can take winds up to 30 mph (when trees start to sway vigorously).

The AirScreen is maintained by a low-noise fan which keeps the screen continually inflated. The screen can remain inflated all day or for several days. In an emergency, the screen can deflate and drop in less than 20 seconds!